London September 2014
September 2014
Pictures from London in September 2014, including Erika's second birthday.
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Monday 1st September 2014

Thursday 4th September 2014
Erika's Birthday
Wednesday 10th September 2014
Presents and balloons for Erika's birthday.
New Jacket
Thursday 11th September 2014
Picked up a new jacket, from Volpe in Pimlico.
Friday 12th September 2014
Went out for dinner with Erika to have noodles.
Saturday 13th September 2014
Played with Erika's balloons and birthday presents in the morning, then out for lunch, followed by London Fashion Week (sort of) cocktails in the evening.
Erika meets Ralph
Sunday 14th September 2014
Kyle and Hannah brought Ralph round for a picnic, and to meet Erika for the first time.

Wednesday 17th September 2014
Playground with Erika
Thursday 18th September 2014
Took the afternoon off to look after Erika, who was a bit poorly, but just about well enough to go to the playground.
Lunch with Erika
Friday 19th September 2014
Erika came to my office for lunch.
Saturday 20th September 2014
Stayed in the flat most of the day.
Sunday 21st September 2014
A bit of time to myself in the afternoon.
Dimsum and the Transport Museum
Saturday 27th September 2014
Dimsum with a friend of Chie's and her kids, followed by a visit to the London Transport museum.
Country Life Fair
Sunday 28th September 2014
Soent the afternoon at the Country Life Fair held at Fulham Palace.