Saturday 9th September 2017

John's Pictures

Friday 1st September 2017
Worked from home. Went out toward the end of the morning to exchange some Euros for our upcoming trip to Monaco, and tried the avocado on toast at a new cafe in Kentish Town.
Joseph Drouhin Tasting
Thursday 7th September 2017
Went along to a Joseph Drouhin Burgundy tasting at Fortnum and Mason, conducted by the fascinating Veronique Drouhin. Dinner at the Wolselely afterwards.
Erika's Birthday
Sunday 10th September 2017
A fairly low key event for Erika's 5th birthday, the afternoon spent at the Pineapple with friends.
The Resumption of Tweed Season
Monday 11th September 2017
I decided this morning it was an appropriate juncture (helped by the grim weather) to official call an end to summer, and resume wearing tweed. Also Erika's first day in reception!
Tuesday 12th September 2017
Was surprised when I attived home by Chie and Erika wearing masks.
Wednesday 13th September 2017
Night out with the usual suspects, cocktails at Disrepute then dinner at Mele e Pere.
Marble Run
Thursday 14th September 2017
Played with the new Marble Run set Erika had been given for her birthday in the evening.
Lazy Saturday
Saturday 16th September 2017
Had no plans for today, and ended up just passing the time either at home or nearby. Breakfast at Bear and Wolf, then pottered arounf the garden for a bit in the morning. Tried the "Moonlight Cafe" (a nearby greasy spoon) for lunch, then back home in the afternoon, passing the time with a combination of marble run and baking scones. Made nabe for dinner in the evening.
Erika Learns to Ride a Bike
Sunday 17th September 2017
Took Erika out for a bit of bike riding practice this morning and she suddenly got it! Quite a special moment. After that, lunch at Wahaca, and then in the evening I made a roast meal.
Fortnum and Mason Hamper
Monday 18th September 2017
Received a Fortnum and Mason hamper as a thank you gift from Bec and Dave for our family summer holiday. Had a lot of fun unpacking it!
The Party's Over
Tuesday 19th September 2017
Discovered only too late there was some kind of Campari popup bar in Kings Cross - where was my invitation?
Wednesday 20th September 2017
Attempted to meet some local friends in the Pineapple in the evening, but failed.
Kentish Town Sky
Friday 22nd September 2017
Met up with Chie and Erika in Kings Cross after work and got the train back to Kentish Town together. Nice sky this evening.
Box Hill
Saturday 23rd September 2017
Chie flew off to Japan this morning, and I thought it would be a good idea to engage Erika in a wholesome family activity, so we went down to Box Hill to meet up with Adrian, Liz and Erika's cousins. Dashed back to Kentish Town after that to attend Alice's birthday party.
Whipsnade Zoo
Sunday 24th September 2017
Took Erika to Whipsnade Zoo today, and there met up with Kyle, Hannah and Ralph.
Monday 25th September 2017
Received a shipment of GevCham in the daytime. In the evening Erika and I made pretend cafe menus.
Tuesday 26th September 2017
A random picture on the way to drop Erika off for a playdate, and also framed the woodblock print I'd got for Chie of the famous Miyajima umi no tori.
Wednesday 27th September 2017
Erika wanted to dress up in one of her princess outfits in the evening.
Friday 29th September 2017
Just one picture of me and Erika sitting on the sofa.
Zoo and Dinner Party
Saturday 30th September 2017
Took Erika to the zoo in the daytime. In the evening, as I was starting to feel a bit starved of grown-up company after a week of not being able to go out (with Chie being away) I invited some local friends round for dinner.