London September 2018
September 2018
Pictures from London in September 2018 including Erika's 6th birthday.
John's Pictures

Tuesday 4th September 2018
Checked the state of the garden after getting back from our holiday on the Cote d'Azur.
L'Orangerie Liqeur and The English Country Inn
Wednesday 5th September 2018
Experimented with the L'Orangerie Liqeur I bought in Monaco, and received a new (old) Garry Hogg book - The English Country Inn.
First Apple from the Tree
Thursday 6th September 2018
Picked the first apple of the season from our apple tree this evening. Very nice it was too (although perhaps still a tad sharp).
Vegan Stuff
Friday 7th September 2018
Had a vegan pizza at lunch, and made a vegan steak hache in the evening.
North Downs
Saturday 8th September 2018
Went for a walk from Sandling to Wye in Kent today, along the North Downs Way.
Erika's Birthday Party
Sunday 9th September 2018
Party for Erika's 6th birthday, with a "Wacky Science" theme.
Erika's Birthday
Monday 10th September 2018
Erika's actual birthday fell today. The main festivities had been the day before, but she did have plenty of presents to open this morning, then we went for dinner at Wahaca in the evening.