London September 2020
September 2020
Pictures from London in September 2020 including a visit to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios for Erika's birthday.
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Waner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour
Wednesday 2nd September 2020
Took Erika and a friend to visit the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios as an early birthday treat.
Thursday 3rd September 2020
I noticed veraison had started on my Cabernet Sauvignon vine today.
Bankside Beach and the George
Friday 4th September 2020
We had a company wide day off work today. I probably should have got myself better organised and gone for a walk out in the country, but didn't really get my act together, so instead settled for a Thames side stroll along the "beach" at Bankside, followed by an excellent lunch in the courtyard of the beautiful George Inn.
Saturday 5th September 2020
A bit of a grey day and not much to report it seems.
The Black Friar
Sunday 6th September 2020
Was lulled into a false sense of security by blue skies in the, and went back down to Blackfriars like I did on Friday for an al fresco pub lunch and stroll along the river, but the weather turned and it ended up quite chilly.
Early Evening Stroll
Tuesday 8th September 2020
I went for an early evening stroll and some more Chateau Musar on Hampstead Heath.
Erika's Birthday
Thursday 10th September 2020
Mostly quiet day at home for Erika's birthday.
Erika's Birthday Playdate
Friday 11th September 2020
Erika had a couple of friends over for a (day after her) birthday playdate.
Saturday 12th September 2020
Took Brix readings to test the level of sugar in the grapes on the vines in the garden with my refractometer today. Later on a stroll to Hampstead Heath.