London September 2022
September 2022
Pictures from London in September 2022.
John's Pictures

Thursday 1st September 2022
I assume from the photo I stayed in this evening?
Pizza and (Not) Wine on the Heath
Friday 2nd September 2022
I was craving pizza, so headed down to Rossopomodoro in Camden for dinner. I diverted by way of the heath on the way back (taking a likely inefficient route involving walking to Chalk Farm then getting a bus to Hampstead Heath overground station), thinking I might have some wine, but then remembered when I got there it had a synthetic closure which is a real pain to open with wine prongs. So I gave up and went home instead.
Tidying Up
Saturday 3rd September 2022
Spent a large part of the day tidying up the flat in preparation for the girls returning from Japan. Just treated myself to lunch at the Pineapple before returning home to do more tidying and cleaning.
Girls Back From Japan
Sunday 4th September 2022
I woke up early and drove to Heathrow to pick up the girls, who returned from Japan today. In the afternoon, in a bid to get Erika out of the flat to help with her jetlag, we went down to King's Cross to catch the tail end of the annual "Return to Hogwarts" Harry Potter event.
Back to Normality
Monday 5th September 2022
Erika was back at school today, and it was work for me as usual. So all pretty humdrum and back into the routine.
Tuesday 6th September 2022
Slightly reluctantly opened the last of the 2005 Nuits St Georges from Gavignet, as Burgundy stocks were running rather low. Paired with Jagarico. It was very good.
Wednesday 7th September 2022
Just one photo.
The Queen
Thursday 8th September 2022
I was out for dinner this evening with some old work friends when I heard that the Queen had died. Very strange atmosphere on the way home.
Friday 9th September 2022
Finished work a bit early after a probably not very productive day feeling a bit shellshocked by yesterday's sad news. Definitely felt a visit to the heath was in order, and went for a longer than usual wander around.
Erika's Birthday
Saturday 10th September 2022
Erika seemed to want a low key birthday this year. She even went to Japanese school as usual in the morning, after getting up slightly earlier than normal to open presents. In the afternoon she had a friend over and they went to have their nails done.
Sunday 11th September 2022
Not many photos so I assume this was mostly a quiet day at home? One of Erika's presents was a tiny sticker printer and we tested that out this afternoon.
Tuesday 13th September 2022
Today was the anniversary of when Chie and I got engaged. Most of the photos today are trying to get a shot of the two of us so we could print it out on Erika's new sticker printer.
Wednesday 14th September 2022
I started work as usual this morning but after a couple of hours realised I was just staring at a screen and achieving nothing. I just couldn't bring myself to do any work - it all suddenly seemed like a pointless waste of time. So I decided to take the rest of the day off, and headed to East London to visit some old favourite pubs of mine. Didn't actually take many photos, but I did make a video of the outing.
Thursday 15th September 2022
Once again I just couldn't face working today. I was already scheduled for a dentist appointment down in Belgravia, after which I met my old work friend Walter (who was visiting London this week) for lunch at Oliveto. Then for the remainder of the afternoon I just stayed in Belgravia revisiting some old pubs. Again not many photos today but I did make a video.
Icknield Way
Friday 16th September 2022
Once again I couldn't face working today, so took another day off and went for a walk in the countryside, this time doing another section of the Icknield Way, from Luton to Letchworth Garden City.
Walter on the Heath
Saturday 17th September 2022
Met up with Walter again, and also mutual work friend Andrew, and had lunch on the heath plus a glass of wine.
Sunday 18th September 2022
Quiet day at home. Spent some time playing with Erika's tiny remote controlled car, and made a sort of obstacle course for it.
State Funeral
Monday 19th September 2022
Bank holiday for the Queen's State Funeral, so I was off work and Erika was off school. Didn't really do much, just watched some of the funeral on the TV, and otherwise had a quiet day at home.
Wednesday 21st September 2022
Still struggling to get back into a normal routine with work etc after last week's crash. Headed to the heath in the early evening and stayed a while to watch the sunset.
Eve of the Autumn Equinox
Thursday 22nd September 2022
Took another (half?) day off work so I could head to Avebury this afternoon. I'd decided I wanted to spent the night in the area for the autumn equinox.
Autumn Equinox
Friday 23rd September 2022
Having slept the night in a hedge, I woke up early to be at Avebury for sunrise on the morning of the Autumn Equinox. It was rather grey and cloudy so I couldn't really see anything of the sunrise, but I was happy to be there nonetheless.
Icknield Way Part 3
Saturday 24th September 2022
Third stretch of the Icknield Way today, from Letchworth Garden City (well actually Baldock) to Royston.
Sunday 25th September 2022
Spent a while playing badminton with the girls on a pedestrianised bit of street near home.
Monday 26th September 2022
Ate the first apple from our tree today. They're really small this year - I think because of the drought over the summer - but there's a good number of them and this one at least was quite tasty.
Tuesday 27th September 2022
Spotted a ranbow as I was walking to pick Erika up from her woodwork class.
Sunset on the Heath
Wednesday 28th September 2022
Quite a nice sunset on the heath this evening I thought.
Champagne on the M25
Friday 30th September 2022
Took the afternoon off work to go for a strange walk, starting and ending at Uxbridge, and with the main goal being the junction between the M40 and the M25. I thought this would make for a fun and quirky walk (and as a by product a fun and quirky YouTube video) but it was mostly actually a bit grim.