East Midlands and Peak District May 2022
Sunday 29th - Tuesday 31st May 2022
A trip up to the Midlands to visit Mum and a visit to the Peak District.
John's Pictures

Sunday with Mum
Sunday 29th May 2022
Motored up the M1 in the afternoon to see Mum, had a barbecue out in the garden.
The Peak District
Monday 30th May 2022
Drove from Mum's to the Peak District in the morning, and met our friends from London (who were also staying in the area for some of the half term holiday) for lunch at the Druid Inn, before going for a walk to the Nine Ladies stone circle. Later on we headed to Buxton (by way of Bakewell) where we stayed the night, and I attempted a wild camp on a nearby hill.
Morning in Buxton and Back to London
Tuesday 31st May 2022
Spent the morning in Buxton, before heading home, taking in the John Smedley factory shop on the way back.