Bukhara Grill and Campbell Apartment - New York

Bukhara Grill and Campbell Apartment

Tuesday 4th May 2010

Ventured to the Midtown East area of New York for an OK but overpriced Indian meal at the Bukhara Grill, followed by an OK but overpriced cocktail at the Campbel Apartment.

New York

19:43:38 First glimpse of Grand Central - I had to begrdugingly admit it is quite an attractive building by New York standards.19:43:46 ...aiming a bit lower with the hope of getting a brigther picture.19:44:09
19:44:59 There's the Chrysler building.20:58:54 After dinner, inside Grand Central station.21:20:08 Grand Central and the Chrysler building.
21:28:07 The Empire State Building by night.21:30:26