Paris and Monaco
Friday 24th - Sunday 26th October 2014
A completely unnecessary additional trip down to Monaco, by way of Paris, whilst Chie and Erika were away in Japan.
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Paris Cocktails with Benoit
Friday 24th October 2014
Got the Eurostar to Paris after work and met Benoit at Harry's New York Bar in Paris for cocktails.
Saturday in Monaco
Saturday 25th October 2014
Got an early train from Paris which shoul have had me in Monaco for just after 2 - instead it was after 4 by the time I arrived. Spent what was left of the afternoon and the early evening lounging around at the Hotel Hermitage, then a drink the Crystal Bar, followed by dinner at the Cafe de Paris, then a flutter at the casino.
Monaco to Paris to London
Sunday 26th October 2014
Breakfast at the Hermitage, and a wander round Monaco in the morning. Lunch at Rene Socca in Nice, then spent most of the rest of the day on trains back to London.