Saturday in Sitges
Saturday 27th May 2017
Slept in late and slobbed around at my hotel in the morning. In the afternoon I went and joined the others for a tour of a cava winery. Went back to my hotel for a bit more after that and persuaded the others to come down to the harbour for dinner, where there was a really nice little street of restaurants. Back to the villa for post dinner drinks.
John's Pictures

The Nadal winery.

Tried to get a group shot, but the sun was too bright to see so composition suffered a bit. Also the subjects would not stay still.


Possibly the best of a bad lot.


The cellars at Nadal, my favourite bit of the tour.

Amazed how neatly these bottles stack.



We were dropped off back at the villa after the winery tour but I still wanted a bit more time to recuperate from the previous evening's excesses so I made my excuses and slunk off back to my hotel for a bit.

On the way back to my hotel, the bay at Sitges again.

Seems to be a lot of back and forth here - I think I actually went back up to the villa to pick everyone up, and then we went back to the harbour again.

I didn't realise I was doing it at the time, but I've basically taken the same scene, each a few hours apart, each time on the way between my hotel and the villa, in one direction or the other. So this is on the way down to the harbour for dinner with all the others in tow.

After dinner I went back to the villa with the others for a bit, then finally at this late hour back down to my hotel again.