Wednesday 16th - Friday 18th August 2023
A short midweek trip to Suffolk on a bit of a whim. Taking in Ufford, Orford, Bury St Edmunds and Grantchester on the way back. Tried our hand at “glamping” one night, and stayed the other night in a golf resort, oddly enough.
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Wednesday 16th August 2023
Drove to Suffolk, where we had somewhat randomly chosen to stay the first night of our trip in what was essentially a golf hotel, because it had a swimming pool and was close to the part of Suffolk we wanted to visit.
Crazy Golf, Orford and Glamping
Thursday 17th August 2023
Did a round of crazy golf at the golf course hotel in the morning. Then motored on to Orford, where we had lunch and spent some of the afternoon. From there, we then proceded to our glamping site near Bury St Edmunds, where we’d be staying the night in a “pod” in the woods.
Bury St Edmunds and Grantchester
Friday 18th August 2023
Breakfast and a morning / early afternoon stroll around Bury St Edmunds, then later on stopped off in Grantchester for a late lunch / afternoon tea on the way back to London.