Tokyo January 2012
Saturday 14th - Saturday 21st January 2012
A week's business trip to Tokyo in January 2012.
John's Pictures

On the Plane
Saturday 14th January 2012
A couple of pictures on the flight from London to Tokyo.
Sunday Evening in Tokyo
Sunday 15th January 2012
First night in Tokyo - went to Gaya, a macrobiotic izakaya in Aoyama with Tanaka-san.
Monday in Tokyo
Monday 16th January 2012
Spent the evening in and around Shibuya.
Yurakucho and Tokyo
Tuesday 17th January 2012
In the evening headed over to Yurakucho and Tokyo station, for a quick drink at a vending machine bar, followed by some vegan ramen.
Sunrise and Sunset in Tokyo
Wednesday 18th January 2012
Saw both the sunrise and the sunset today, assisted by being on silly numbered floors of very tall buildings. In the evening went to Ikebukuro for Rohlan and Quercus.
Thursday in Tokyo
Thursday 19th January 2012
Dinner at "Sofa vegestyle and kitchen" in Shibuya, followed by a bit of a hotel bar crawl - the Cerulean Tower, the Park Hyatt, and the Ritz Carlton.
Last Day in Tokyo
Friday 20th January 2012
Last full day in Tokyo of this trip. Spent the evening in Asakusa with Tanaka-san and a couple of people from work.
Back to London
Saturday 21st January 2012
Left Tokyo this morning.