Vera's 100th Birthday
Friday August 9th - Monday August 12th 2019
A long weekend staying at a farmhouse near Abergavenny to celebrate Vera's 100th birthday with lots of extended family.
John's Pictures

Arriving at the Farmhouse
Friday 9th August 2019
Took the train from London to Bristol in the morning, then picked upa Zipcar in Bristol and drove to Abergavenny. Did a bit of shopping at Waitrose, and made a quick visit to White Castle vineyard, before heading over to the farmhouse where we'd be staying for the weekend, and spent the rest of the day greeting various relatives as they arrived.
Vera's 100th Birthday
Saturday 10th August 2019
The main event of Vera's 100th Birthday weekend.
Day After Vera's Party
Sunday 11th August 2019
Festivities continuing at the farmhouse in between a steady steam of goodbyes.
Heading Home
Monday 12th August 2019
Left the farmhouse this morning, and popped in to Vera and Robin's house briefly to take a look at the card from the Queen and say our goodbyes before heading back to London.