Sunday in North Wales - Wales Easter 2007

Sunday in North Wales

Sunday 8th April 2007

This actually turned out to be our only full day in North Wales on this trip - and we spent most of it sorting out the stuff we had stored in the attic! Still, did manage to get out for a short walk at least in the early evening....

Wales Easter 2007

20:10:15 The nearest bay to Dad's house.20:11:03 Can just about make out the black dog in amongst the rocks here.20:12:35 Chie having a good clamber.

20:13:24 No it's not a seal - that's Yates going for a swim there.20:16:42 Bit of a sunset...20:17:56 Yates in another of his favourite paddling pools.

20:22:58 Dad attempting to persuade Yates to come out...20:24:27 ....but he wasn"t budging!