Wye Valley and Avebury
Friday 17th to Tuesday 21st December 2021
Four nights away just before Christmas, the first three staying at a cottage in the Wye Valley, then a final night in Avebury on the way back for the Winter Solstice.
John's Pictures

London to the Wye Valley
Friday 17th December 2021
Drove to the Wye Valley after Erika finished school and arrived at our cottage for the weekend around 8pm.
Saturday in the Wye Valley
Saturday 18th December 2021
Spent the morning pottering around at the cottage, then in the afternoon Robin, Robert, Louise and Lily came to visit.
Sunday in the Wye Valley
Sunday 19th December 2021
Went for a walk in the morning, then to the beautiful Ostrich Inn in Newland for lunch. More pottering about back at the cottage in the afternoon and a lasagne for dinner.
Chepstow and Avebury in the Dark
Monday 20th December 2021
Left the Wye Valley in the morning and drove down to Chepstow to meet Bec and Jessica. In the afternoon we drove to Abingdon to drop the girls off with friends they'd be staying with for the night, and I then motored on to Avebury for the eve of the Winter Solstice.
Winter Solstice
Tuesday 21st December 2021
Woke up very early at the bed and breakfast in East Kennet, and walked back to Avebury for the sunrise. Alas the sky remained persistently cloudy and it was a bit underwhelming.