John and Tim's Trip to London

Heres some pictures taken during Tim and John's trip to London on Thursday 17th June 99, using Andy's excellent digital camera. The times given are pretty approximate but the ordering should at least be right.
John doing nothing of any real interest on the train on the way into London.
Shortly after arriving in London, John getting up from a seat in Paddington (tube) station. Woohoo.
A particularly nice picture of John and Tim, taken by the lovely Christine (or was it Heather?) in Waterloo tube station, which, incidentally neither John nor Tim had any real reason to go to.
Ooooooooh Heather and Christine. Of course this picture doesn't really capture the delightfulness of their accents (American) but still... They'd been touring Europe and after spending a few days in London, were just about to catch the EuroStar to Brussels, thus were going by way of Waterloo.
Chrisitine (foreground), Heather (middle) and John (background) going up an escalator, shortly before we said our goodbyes probably never to meet again... sigh...
Another picture of John and Tim, this time taken in Picadilly Circus tube station (I think), by Meike and Aye (not too sure on the spellings), two Japanese (?) girls.
Meike and Aye with Tim, photographed really badly by John. Apologies for this one.
A group of girls whose names we never found out, partially due to them not speaking much english. Taken (quite obviously) on the fountain on Picadilly Circus.
Same as above but this time with John in.
Around Covent Garden somewhere, a picture of John and Tim taken by one of two twins who we quite rudely interrupted while they were eating their lunch (largely jacket potatoes). Still they didn't seem to mind too much.
The twins in question, with Tim in the background.
Yet another Tim and John picture taken just outside the Jubilee Market Hall, Covent Garden.
John in amongst a fairly large group of girls. We'd started to get a bit over-confident at this point and basically just sat in the middle and took the picture.
Tim starting to go a bit overboard. Still we can assume from their facial expresions they must have wanted to have their pictures taken...
The loud one of the group, who shortly after having her picture taken suggested we leave. We did. Note the strange face on the curious workman in the background.
For lunch we went to the Cafe Pacifico (near Covent Garden), which was very good indeed. Here Tim can be seen on our way out clearly very satisfied. Mmmmmmm....
Ever wanted to try some sunglasses on in a shop but there isn't a mirror to look at yourself in? Not really a problem when you've got a digital camera.
John doing something odd in the park bit in Leicester Square.
Another picture of John in Leicester Square.
Yet another picture of John in Leicester Square...
Tim emerging from Lillywhites, which John really hates going in.
John waiting in Paddington for the train home.
John on the train on the way back to Reading, starting to look a bit worse for wear.
Tim effectively managing to not look tired and tearful.
John looking a bit worn out.
Arty picture as the train pulls out of Paddington...
It was all a bit much for poor Tim...