Francesco Stag Do 2007

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In the end Francesco managed to give us permission to organize a nice Stag do party!

21:53:46 Ah Francesco looking extremely impressed by the cold evening!

21:54:41 Apart from the cameraman (me) all the other partecipants to the Stag Do. From the left hand side: Ivan, Gianfranco, Alessio, Francesco, Simone and me.

21:57:45 Me and Franz looking nice.

21:58:01 And for old time sake a picture that we took something like 10 years ago while posing in the same way. The only difference was that now we are sober, at that time we were completely plastered...

21:58:42 Gianfranco, Ivan and Alssio.

22:26:19 Alessio and Gianfranco at the restaurant.

22:26:34 Simone is trying to cut Francesco's anular finger in order to convince him not to do it!!!

22:27:01 A more serious picture, see how posy Simone is!! (Francesco looks like a young Santa)...

22:38:57 A random crappy shot.

22:43:58 CHEERRRSSSS (we tried to get him drunk with a great numbers of toasts).

22:44:02 One of them toasts!

22:44:32 Me Stefano and Ivan. Stefano was the other Stag doer, didn't mention him before...

00:54:18 Stefano and Gianfranco. Here Stefano is showing the special coffees that we ordered at dinner.

00:54:33 Francesco is impressed by bthe coffee.

00:54:46 Simone too, he had some Jamaican brand apparently...

01:52:12 Then back to Stefano's place for more drinks and the view one of the crappest movies even made "Druids".

01:59:45 All the Stag doers yuppiiiii

01:59:46 More shots

01:59:47 And again!

02:00:32 Here we are enjoying the art of "Rhum e Pera" (Rhum and Pear juice), you drink one after the other in shots.

02:01:49 Ivan and Stefano...

02:02:07 Ivan, Stafno and "DRUIDS". The movie is a sort of collective memory, when me, Francesco and Stefano went to the cinema, dragged by Stefano who told us that the film was simply great. I think that this is a must see in order to reassess the crapness of a bad movie. This one is really, really, really bad...