Scicli - Ispica - Modica - Ragusa

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The second day saw another long drive through Sicily, this time to visit four cities, Ispica, Scicli, Modica and Ragusa. The day was very hot and all the cities that we saw were nice, I think I liked Modica the best, probably because we stopped in a small wine bar to have lunch. The wine selection was great and we could try a lot of typical dishes from the city. Ragusa would have also been great if I didn't decide to destroy my camera falling onto it in that city. You can imagine my mood after that incident... Fortunately we decided to buy a new camera two days later, a camera that Chiara got as an anticipated Christmas present, because I want to buy a different model, so the holiday was saved and Chiara got a camera that she wanted. All those little cities are clustered with Baroc churches and great little streets, they are all medioeval towns.

10:32:20 This is another abandoned church on the way to Modica

11:25:28 Ispica from below.

11:32:29 Ispica main church, lovely!

11:33:04 The square before the church.

11:33:22 And again on the other side.

11:34:57 A huge banner inside the church, note the bent pole, quite nice.

11:37:06 This is the city banner, usually brought around the city during the city festivals.

12:21:40 A Monastry from below.

12:31:58 Here we are in Scicli, the city is clustered with buildings with interesting sculptures and balconies!

12:33:29 A stolen shot of a guy lazying on the porch in a very hot afternoon.

12:37:55 Scicli from the top of the hill, near one of its churches.

12:38:43 The main Cathedral.

12:40:12 This is the church at the top of the hill from which we could oversee the whole city.

12:42:46 Inside the church there is very little to see, inside everything is bare and the gates are closed to avoid black masses.

12:48:44 Me and Chiara with the city behind.

12:57:43 Another sculpture on the top of a door.

13:13:39 Chiara eating a watermelon.

13:14:07 And again!

13:22:00 Another splendid baroque church in Scicli. The problem is that in the afternoon everything is closed!

13:28:40 Scicli from the top.

13:33:50 And again, in the distance you can see the sea.

15:21:16 This is the house of Quasimodo, in Modica, one of the most popular poets in Italy.

15:32:03 Modica.

15:37:28 Main Cathedral in Modica, there are twelve statues of the apostoles in front of it, quite interesting!

16:11:41 One of the alleys in Modica.

16:24:20 Inside the Cathedral (we had to wait an hour for it to open), quite stunning.

16:27:07 A nice chandelier, made of Murano glass.

16:37:26 This is another important church in Modica, we walked quite a long set of stairs to get there but the place is great!

16:38:41 And again, with garden.

16:42:07 The baroque style is very popular in Sicily.

16:43:56 There is a hole on the roof, every day at twelve a ray of light strikes this line on the floor and indicates the correct star sign of the day.

16:46:12 Nice organ!

16:57:54 We then moved even higher (Modica is built over a huge hill) to reach this other church.

17:11:13 And from the balcony we took some pictures at the city below.

17:17:24 Look at this BEAUTY!

17:45:53 Ragusa from the highway.

17:56:36 This church was made in the 4th Century.. Quite old...

18:01:21 Some flowers.

18:02:13 A wedding inside a church.

17:53:22 The bride about to walk to the church.

18:10:32 Nice fountain.

18:32:17 Me walking in Ragusa.

18:33:53 Chiara and the dome of the Cathedral.

18:41:12 A nice street in Ragusa.

18:16:58 Chiara liked this cheese seller...

18:19:25 The main Cathedral in Ragusa.

18:19:32 Me walking again...

18:21:07 The Cathedral from the square.

18:23:06 And again.