Seaside and Siracusa

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In the morning we decided to go to the beach at Arenella, a place near the room that we were renting. The afternoon was a much awaited visit to Siracusa, marvellous city, of which we did not have time to visit the greek temple. The churches and the houses here are really beautiful, it was a shame that some of them were closed because we arrived after lunch. This is a typical annoying Sicilian thing, everything closes from 12,30 to 15,30 (in most cases) even churches and museums, leaving the tourists to wander around aimlessly. Anyways, in Siracusa we also managed to have two great dinners at a restaurant called "Medusa", a great fish restaurant!

12:45:06 Arenella beach near Siracusa where we were staying...

12:45:28 Chiara sleeping

16:33:11 I loved the reddish soil that they have here.

16:39:33 "Eggs"... MARVELLOUS!!

17:38:50 Siracusa, the remains of Apollo's Temple.

17:38:54 And Again.

17:54:13 This is Archimede's fountain.

17:54:52 Two blokes happily talking.

17:56:16 The windows of this palace where made in the VIth century...

18:00:46 Nice little door.

18:03:28 The church was built the way you see it... It "melts" into the other building. Great architecture here!

18:05:25 A puppeteer studio.

18:07:45 Nice road in Siracusa.

18:09:28 The shot would have been nice if there wasn't the guy setting the stage...

18:16:31 Chiara walking ahead.

18:17:51 The Dome of Siracusa, lovely building!

18:20:00 Inside the dome.

18:22:56 The Dome used to be a temple on which it was built the Cristian church. They kept the old columns though, creating a great effect inside!

18:25:47 More shots of the Cathedral interiors.

18:29:09 And again. Chiara took this shot.

18:30:44 I loved this guy telling off all the people entering the dome.. "REPENT YOUR SINS!!"

18:31:29 Next to the Cathedral there was this other church.

18:33:05 With lovely sculptures on the facade.

18:34:08 Some balcons.

18:35:43 A lovely looking door.

18:54:34 Ducks in a clear water pond next to the sea. The clear water spring is a rarity near the sea, but nevertheless they seem to have it in Siracusa.

19:00:44 An hotel.

19:07:42 Another lovely looking door.

19:16:53 Me biting my nails while trying to think what to see next.

19:17:40 Me and Chiara reading the guides.

19:25:06 Belltower.

20:01:56 Chiara speaking on the phone.

20:07:57 Some more sculptures.

21:12:49 The dinner that night, mixed grilled fish!

21:55:01 Chiara eating a "Cassata" a ricotta cheese cake that it's made in Sicily (absolutely heaven)

22:08:32 The Cassata in all its might.