Day at Sea and Noto

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Second day spent at the seaside. We should say HALF a day, because we really did not feel confident in tackling the blistering hot sun for more than few hours. We then moved to Noto, another great city full of Baroc churces. Compared to Ispica, Scicli, Modica and Ragusa this place packs more churches, most of them are under restructuring because apparently they have been badly kept during the years and are literally falling apart. Apart from this detail, the views are really nice, the main church has been reopened recently after a major collapse of the dome, but it is now too new for my likeings. We managed to have a great GRANITA in Noto, as the pictures witness. Let's say that every place we went we tried to look for a good pastisserie or cake shop!

10:56:58 Chiara in the water!

17:28:01 Noto is a lovely little town full of baroque churches.

17:32:34 This church had all these "bombed railings" as the guide described them.

17:35:10 The interior of St.Chiara church (restored recently)

17:39:09 The Cathedral has been restored after a major collapse of the dome. It reopened two months prior to our visit so we thought we were quite lucky.

17:39:57 The facade is marvellous.

17:40:08 Next to the Cathedral there is this villa which unfortunately we could not visit...

17:42:03 Us.

17:43:35 Chiara and the church with all the "bombed" railings.

17:45:27 That's why we were not "so" lucky. Inside the church is too new and even flat screen panels are there...

17:48:58 Belltower

18:03:27 We stopped is a famous bar to have a "granita" tasting course, MARVELLOUS!!!

18:23:41 An old confession stand.

18:24:32 Altar

18:29:27 Stairs leading to the top of a church.

18:30:30 View from the top.

18:37:46 Me and Chiara with some view.

18:38:41 Bells up close and personal.

18:40:14 Chiara seemed to like this artichike shaped stone, so I took a pic of it.

18:42:55 Balcony.

18:47:22 A man playing the "Ghost" scene? Nooooo an artisan...

18:53:57 More shots of the churches in Noto.

18:58:59 Lovely little window.

19:03:42 Yet another church... Gosh there are a LOT of them!!

19:08:04 Typical Italian thing that you find in the south, dead people posters. The families announce to the community the loss of a dear one.

22:27:43 Back at the place where we were sleeping I spent some time practicing night shots.