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We left Siracusa early in the morning, as we had to drive around 500km through Sicily to reach our next target, Castellammare del Golfo. Of course a day spent driving would have been pointless, so we decided to plan a stop at Agrigento, one of the main attractions for us during this trip. In Agrigento there is the famous Temple Valley, a complex of ancient greek temples and constructions that arrived to our age almost intact. A rarity even for Greece (apparently). The valley is obviously great, it took quite a lot of time to walk to all the ruins, but we didn't want to miss them. The museum was a bit of a disappointment but all in all the visit was great, I feel that we really visited a place that has got a lot of embedded history to it!

12:04:36 Technically in Italian this could also be read as "Nice Pussy" (instead of "Nice potatoe")

12:08:03 Now... GELA is the name of the city, but in Italian it also mean "FREEZES". GOMME means "TYRES", while AZOTO PURO means "PURE NYTROGEN"... Put it all together.. Pure Nytrogen Freezes Tyres!!! (How good is it!?!)

12:10:34 Nuff said. A very keen supporter of Inter Milan.

12:11:25 Right in front of the other guy there is a very keen supporter of AC Milan.

14:15:57 Agrigento's Acropolys is simply great.

14:40:03 This is the temple of Giove (Zeus).

14:45:17 This is one of the figures that it is thought was holding the temple together with the columns.

14:46:02 Nice trees.

14:49:58 Some more ruins.

14:56:04 Chiara stole my hat!

14:57:02 There! INDIANA Lox!

14:58:48 Palms.

14:59:32 Not sure who this temple belonged to...

15:02:11 Me refreshing at a fountain it was really hot!

15:39:07 This is a church that was build with the stones taken from the ruins...

16:00:35 The museum of the site, quite boring apart from this and the next picture.

16:00:51 There, this is how these guys (8mts tall) where holding the temple in place.

16:03:50 And a little diorama to explain it!

16:32:10 Columns

16:33:09 And Again.

16:33:30 Chiara had just had a fiery phone call with some people at work..

16:36:11 Chiara and the columns

16:48:33 The temple of Concord, not even in greece they have a fully standing temple anymore. It's quite a rarity.

16:49:48 Very beautiful of course!

16:51:08 Some details.

16:52:19 Side shot.

16:53:01 Indiana Lox and the temple.

16:55:20 Back shot.

17:04:23 This is the remain of the temple of Venus.

17:04:44 Temple of Concorde from the distance.

17:05:28 More columns action.

17:09:15 I tried to put some vegetation to make it nicer!