Erice - Marsala - Salt Mills

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Erice is one of themost peculiar places in Sicily, an ancient medioeval town built on the top of a hill. The shape of the hilltop makes thic town triangular, a quite uncommon shape for a city. The streets, churches and the castle are very nice, we really liked the trip there. In the afternoon we moved to Marsala as I wanted to visit the famous FLORIO cellars. Florio, it turns out, it's a very powerful and sucessful family in Sicily (we should say WAS, as the new generations apparently sold everything), and among other things they made Marsala wine, that was firt imported by an Englishman by the way. The visit was great and we bought some samples of the best wines that they had. We then moved to a place called Mothia, where a salt mill is still in function. The visit to the mill has been good for pictures and to support the mill itself, but it wasn't all that great. What was great was the dinner that we had in a place near there, a lovely little restaurant run by a professional taylor who apparently writes for the most important newspapers and magazines about food and recipes. The food was marvellous, we couldn't have hoped for anything better!

11:20:07 Belltower at Erice

11:20:13 The main church at Erice, lovely.

11:33:30 Above the belltower we could see the full city under us. Erice is triangular shaped atop a very high hill (around 700mts).

11:34:05 Close up of the main church.

11:36:16 Chiara, the tower and nothing behind!

11:33:01 Me under a bell.

11:42:15 The main church is quite beautiful, an example of baroque art.

11:42:27 Close up of the celing.

11:52:10 This marble plaque tells us that the virgin mary statue was brought out of the church in several occasions, all of which were to ask for some favour (rain, stop war, stop plague, etc etc)

11:56:30 Alleys in Erice are really nice, very medioeval.

11:57:47 A balcony on the main street.

12:33:16 More alleys.

13:00:51 Chirch of St.Thomas.

13:24:28 And its belltower.

13:26:55 Some bags.

13:28:56 Chiara and the view below Erice.

13:30:38 The castle is placed on one of the corners of the city.

13:31:54 Quite marvellous!!!

13:32:59 Inside the gates...

13:36:44 The typical Sicilian cart, Chiara liked it a lot...

13:41:42 More belltower action in Erice.

15:30:43 Here we are at the Florio factory in Marsala. This keg holds 40.000 liters of Marsala wine...

15:33:34 The lady that took us around the factory, cellars and all these nice places. She is very knowledgeable.

15:40:46 Inside the cellars, we could smell the Marsala perfume all around us!

16:06:47 More kegs.

16:13:24 These are VERY OLD kegs, keeping very old Marsala. Apparently Queen Elizabeth came here recently and her husband asked for a glass of 1939 Marsala...

18:02:37 A guy cutting rocks..

18:07:20 The salt mill was really beautiful, look at this pic!

18:19:49 More shots from the top of the mill.

18:20:26 Salt pile.

18:23:56 Me and Chiara inside the mill.

18:25:40 The actual millstones.

18:48:54 The mill from outside.

18:56:41 First of the "poetic mill shot selection".

18:57:25 Vineyard

19:08:00 These guys were fishing with this huge net. The sea is very low in this place and they were literally walking.

19:22:04 Second shot.

19:42:17 Third shot.

19:48:01 Fourth shot.

19:48:15 Fifth shot. Please consider that the straw is intended to be there!

19:53:49 Fifht shot.

22:18:30 The mill at night.