Segesta and Selinunte

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Segesta and Selinunte are two sites that share the same type of ruins, ancient temples. There is little to say that the images do not tell, both the sites are extremely old, I was a bit disappointed by Selinunte that boasts the title of "biggest archaeological site in Europe" but that in reality had far less than Agrigento and Segesta. I guess that the absence of a proper guide or someone who knew exactly what we were looking at is a key part in me thinking along the lines described earlier. The day was quite nice though and in Selinunte we even managed to have a nice bath on a proper sand beach.

10:25:29 Segesta's Temple from below.

10:52:49 Chiara sitting on the VIP seats in ancient theatre.

10:54:56 Theatre and Chiara.

10:57:16 Indiana Lox meditates (read:rests) on the steps of the theatre.

11:04:12 Chiara and the temple behind.

11:09:25 Segesta's castle.

11:25:33 The temple from distance.

11:28:57 Indiana Lox found it several years ago and now goes telling how it all happened.

11:30:41 Indiana Lox found also some wild blackberries to nourish the adventurers.

11:56:41 The temple of Segesta is still in great shape.

11:57:42 Nice internal shot.

12:03:10 Chiara next to a column.

13:47:18 Here we are at Selinunte, the biggest archaeological site in Europ.

13:51:13 The temple is not as good as Agrigento or Segesta.

13:52:38 Columns from below.

13:53:30 Chiara is impressing everyone with her mighty strenght!

13:56:18 The temple from the inner side.

13:59:12 Some columns.

14:08:05 Indiana Lox goeas ahead to see if there are perils.

14:09:15 Ahhhh isn't he totally cool?

14:13:06 Jumping the chasm (1.2 meters).

14:18:06 WHOOOOOPSSSS.. It wasn't my fault REALLY...

14:18:46 More coolness!

14:39:52 A rabid dog. We met a huge quantity of these dogs... Well I do not know if it's rabid or not, but it certainly doesn't look healty!

14:25:10 The temple with some trees to fulfill the 1/3-2/3 rule of photography.

14:52:36 I loved this three, also the colour is great! When you say nature at service of men!

21:52:05 Castellammare at night.

22:03:18 And again.

22:15:08 Nice house at night time.