Zingaro Reservoire and Castellamare

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A day dedicated to nature and the sea. The Zingaro Reservoire is a stretch of land long 7 kilometers that goes from Castellamare to San Vito lo Capo, two cities on the coast overlooking Spain, near Palermo. The place is marvellous, fortunately the people of the two cities managed to save the reservoire from a plan of building a road throug it. We stopped half way and had a nice swim and some dives for me in a small stones beach. In the evening we went back to Castellamare for a stroll in town and some drinks.

11:33:07 Cave in the Reservoire of Zingaro.

12:01:56 Chiara and the view.

12:10:19 Narrow path.

14:53:21 The beach where we stopped after a 3.5km walk

15:00:09 Nice prospective here!

15:02:51 Chiara and some vegetation.

15:07:30 I tried to get some nice shot out of all this blue/white and green...

15:09:02 More trials, actually I like this one.

15:09:40 Macro of this palm friuts.

15:14:37 This is probably the best one...

15:51:25 Ahhh also this is good

19:50:32 Chiara on the phone.

20:17:48 At night we had Busiate (typical sicilan pasta shapes) with fennel and fish.

22:27:09 Fireworks!

22:58:50 This is the Virgin Mary brought around Castellammare.