Villa del Casale

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The last day saw a very early start from Castellamare to go to Catania airport. But since Chiara wanted desperately to go to see this Villa del Casale we stopped half way to go to Piazzale Armerino to visit this roman Villa. The place is under restore at the moment, but it can be visited. The Villa is famous because all its floors were completely made of mosaics, every room had a theme. The place had also a private hot spring, surely our ancestors knew how to have fun. I have never seen so maniy mosaics in one place, it's a shame that the restoring efforts have not finished yet, but surely this site was worth the visit. We couldn't have left Sicily simply driving back to the airport!

08:57:46 This is where Giovanni Falcone was killed by mafia. They put 1000kgs of TNT and all the escort cars and his car blew. It's on the highway, the red stone it's there in memory of the killing.

11:43:06 Roman age mosaic at Villa del Casale, near Piazzale Armerino.

11:44:11 More Mosaics. The Villa is open but they are restoring many mosaics so we could not see everything.

11:45:20 Marvellous tiger mosaic.

11:46:56 A bird.

11:49:40 Some geezers.

11:55:18 Here they are injecting liquid concrete to get the mosaic to stabilize.

12:00:22 Ahhhhh sexy mosaic, this was the apartment of the "lady" of the Villa.

12:01:56 More action.

12:06:05 And again, pictures didn't come out all that great it has to be said.

12:13:28 This is the most important one, women in bikinis. In Roman times they already used these things in the summer.

12:13:53 Close up.

12:14:14 The lady in bikini is playing with a ball apparently.

12:14:42 More action, a battle it seems.

12:15:08 Close up of a tiger attacking its prey.

12:23:27 Shot of the forest through a window that had this funny shutter... Interesting result!