Christmas Lunch 2007

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Lunch at my grandmother's place!

My granny and Chiara.

Mum, aunt Dianella and granny!

All the family together, Chiara brought some stuff to eat...

The centerpiece.

This year my two little nephews made some embellishments themselves.

Chiara and my mum... nuff said? :D

My sister! (great!)

Rachele! How lovely...

And Gabriele... he's grown up a lot!

Roberto and Alice, nice shot!

Chiara sitting somewhere...

Rachele at the tale. Sh didn't want to eat at the beginning...

Me and Gabriele. Basically we fought all the time!

Some starters.

Gabriele looking nice, but in reality he's a devil inside!

Us together...

The fight starts!

Here I am trying to bite his hand.

Here he's biting my finger (quite painful)

More fighting.

Finally Roberto brough the beast to reason!

Rachele and her winne the pooh hat.

Me and Gabriele on peaceful terms.

Rachele and my grandmother eating away...

My mum and Rachele.


The two culprits, playing hide and seek.

Me and Chiara with the kids, Chiara loves this picture...

Chiara and Rachele.

My mum and Gabriele, mum has a great patience with them.

Gabriele playing trumpet, Alice, my sister said that the trumpet master told her that he's got a real talent..

More general shots.

My uncle trying to play, Alice and Tommaso (my cousin) looking unimpressed.

More general shots during present opening.

Rachele playing away.

My dad eventually arrived late in the evening.