New Year's eve 2007

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We met once again at Antonio's place, a high school near Florence, a very big place for only 12 people... :D But we like things done in a great way!

Chiara, Mirko, Merco and Fede in the kitchen.

Me throwing something in the bin in a very stylish fashion.

Me concocting a marvellous rocket salad sauce.

The rocket salad, I liked the colours here.

Here are the "struffoli", fried dough with honey.

Chiara making the starters.

Mirko in the kitchen cooking some lentils.

Antonio looking good.

Some of Chiara'starters.

The dinner place.

Elisa playing with the camera.

Mirko e Merco cooking lentils.

Mirko trying out the product.

The fridge full of edibles. Actually it is all our stuff.

The juicer with drinks ready to go.

One of the starters were these marvelous avocadoes with shrips

Mirko making cocktails.

Everyone is peeling fruits for the juicer.

Jessica and Giova hugging.

Chiara and Elisa still trying to peel whatever fruit came across.

Me and Mirko looking normal and serious.

And here again. I don't really know what we had in mind here...

The juicer and all the fruit ready to be juiced!

Green fruits in a green bowl, how fashionable!

Mirko changed into something sober.

Here we go! Luca (he must have drunk 2 liters of juice in the end) is the master of joicing, while other people look at him.

Chiara, Franz and Eli.

Franz and Eli eating Mirko's BOMB, a very spicy sauce made of chili peppers.

The table while eating.

Me and Chiara.

We took a trip around the school.

Merco is a teacher at this very school...

Gianfranco looks increadibly like a TV news reporter.

Me thinking of something stupid to do.

Luca with a fake cup in his hands.

Merco pretending to correct an essay. I really cannot envisage him teaching!

Franz and Fede being nice boys (as usual).

More classroom action.

Something bad happened here!

Gianfra and the world.

Giova thinking about something VERY BAD to do.

Luca is back at the juicer.

Chiara looking happy.

Nice one!!

Cooking the "second" pasta dish.

Luca thinking about something technological...

Here it is the most pointless invention of 2007!

Nice use of a good bottle of wine.

Chiara and Giova.

Here are the bangers (little white things that thrown on the ground go "pop").

Gianfra experimenting with Giova the novelty of fireworks.

The cakes!

Nuts and choco mousse.

Pear, rhum and choco mousse.

This one is a SEVEN spices chocolate mousse, a creation of mine!


Lunar shot of the seven spices mousse.

And the same with the nuts mousse.