Bardsey Island August 1999
Saturday 31st July - Saturday 7th August 1999
A glorious week on Bardsey Island.
John's Pictures

The Boat to Bardsey
Saturday 31st July 1999
Drove through the night from South East Wales to North West Wales to catch the boat from the Llyn peninsula across the sea to Bardsey Island.
Sunday on Bardsey
Sunday 1st August 1999
Quiet morning, wandered round the island, went for a swim I think. Afternoon tea at the farmhouse, then met the neighbours and an impromptu evenng of music before sleeping outside by the bay, sang to sleep by Manx Shearwaters.
Monday on Bardsey
Monday 2nd August 1999
Woke in the great outdoors. Walked to the Northern tip of the island and took a look at the lighthouse. Did some seal spotting.
Wildlife and Sunset
Tuesday 3rd August 1999
Explored some of Bardsey's wildlife in the daytime and then went up to the top of the mountain in the evening to watch the sunset.
Boat Trip
Wednesday 4th August 1999
Took a boat trip around the island.
Thursday on Bardsey
Thursday 5th August 1999
Various wanderings in the daytime, the island football match towards the end of the day, then up the mountain to sleep the night.
Friday 6th August 1999
Awoke to a glorious sunrise having slept the night on top of the mountain. Later on in the day went for a swim in the sea.
Back to the Mainland
Saturday 7th August 1999
Got the boat back to the mainland this morning.