Cambridge and Ely

Cambridge and Ely

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December 2007

A weekend visit to Cambridge and Ely, to celebrate mine and Chie's wedding anniversary.

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14:44:54 Laundress Lane - No Thoroughfare For Carriages Or Horses. 24th March 1857. This sign apparently captured my imagination somewhat.14:54:58 The back entrance to King's College.14:55:37 I wasn't aware that ducks ate parsnips.

14:55:46 Chie in the grounds of King's College. Hopefully you can get a good feel for how awful the weather was here.14:57:16 So there's King's College (and a bit of Clare's?) from across the Cam. 14:57:29 A couple being punted along.

14:57:47 King's and Clare's and a tree.14:58:30 Nice old building - I think this is student accomodation. Lucky so and sos.14:58:46 Chie and King's.

14:59:03 Me and King's.15:00:39 More of King's College...15:00:44 ...and again...

15:02:59 ...and this is the other entrance.15:06:19 The Rainbow Cafe - I'd heard about this place from Tom.15:23:17 Chie and her distinctly Indonesian dish.

15:23:22 My latvian potato bake.16:05:11 More collegey type buildings which will highlight my ignorance about Cambridge...16:08:24 ....not really the best light for this sort of thing.

16:13:02 An interestingly illuminate street.16:16:41 The place where we'd be getting on a punt the next morning.16:18:03 Chie like the way the door leaned here.

17:41:34 The lift in our hotel.11:11:59 Next morning, after breakfast, we took another stroll through Cambridge to go and find a punt, and walked past a many of the same buildings we'd seen the previous day.11:12:17 The post office.

11:15:12 I rather like this one.11:17:02 Nice.11:39:47 Here is the start of our little punting adventure. Not sure if you can really tell, but it is already raining quite hard by this point.

11:43:57 On the cam - spot the duck.11:44:20 Other punters on the river (there weren't that many!).11:45:21 ...there follow lots of views of colleges etc from our punt which I'm not going to be able to write comments for...

11:46:12 Felt very like Venice here!11:46:36 Is this the Bridge of Sighs? Or am I getting confused with Oxford?11:47:25 Our boatman doing a great job of it despite the rain.

11:47:47 Can see a corner of the umbrella here.11:47:51 11:48:06 ...under the bridge...

11:50:09 11:50:32 11:52:27

11:53:01 11:58:30 King's college again.12:00:45

12:00:49 12:00:54 12:04:36 Coming towards the end of our punt now - there's the mathemtical bridge.

12:05:23 12:05:39 ...which it seems you can actually still walk over.13:12:47 Later on that day, and we've now left Cambridge and headed on to Ely. Here's an interesting duck / goose.

13:17:41 There's the imposing Ely Cathedral on the hill.13:20:25 One of the gatehouses of Ely Cathedral.13:24:18 A look at the great spires of the cathedral.

13:24:35 ....and the other end.13:28:58 Inside now. I wasn't sure if I was actually allowed to take pictures so I just got a couple of stealthy ones...13:30:10 ....but hopefully you can get an idea of the magnificence of this place from this.

13:40:28 Chie having a light lunch in the refectory.13:47:38 Me queuing up for a top-up of hot water in our teapot!