Chie's Birthday

Chie's Birthday

Sunday 4th May 2008

A few pictures from our day out on Chie's birthday - a browse around the Victoria and Albert museum, followed by an exquisite afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental, and then a leisurely stroll through Hyde Park.

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14:07:12 Here's Chie in the little courtyard garden in the middle of the Victoria and Albert museum - I'd never found this before.14:07:38 ...some rather nice architecture surrounds the courtyard.14:08:15 Chie prancing about merrily.

14:08:36 I had kind of assumed Chie was zooming in on me and the flowers, and thus why I squatted down. I guess this looks a bit odd in the end!14:08:58 14:09:06 These flowers were almost black - quite weird.

14:09:14 14:09:16 14:11:51 Me amongst the busts at the V & A.

14:18:13 In the casts room - I thought some of these were rather impresive.15:31:52 The one and only picture I took during afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental (I wasn't sure if photography was allowed in here, and was too timid to ask!). This was absolutely splendid.16:38:27 Outside the back of the Mandarin Oriental, heading into Hyde Park for a post - afternoon tea stroll.

16:42:38 Chie by the Serpentine, or whatever it is called.16:51:37 Chie thought having a lie down on the grass might help her overfull stomach.16:53:06 Slightly blurry picture of me.

16:53:30 Some dogs.16:53:42 Not sure I like this picture of me - but the background is nice!16:54:11 Chie wanted a picture of her feet...