London to Nice - Cote d'Azur

London to Nice

Saturday 27th June 2009

The first day of our week's holiday on the Cote d'Azur, spent travelling down by train from London to Nice, with a stop off for lunch in Paris en route.

Cote d'Azur

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10:05:10 Onboard the Eurostar.10:34:12 We booked in "Leisure Select" on the way out, which meant they serve food, quite handy as we're never organised enough to eat breakfast at home before heading off.10:34:16 Here is the vegetarian breakfast - that strange looking long thing is a vegetarian sausage, served with a cheese omelette.

10:35:30 ...I've been in Leisure Select a few times now, and this is the first time they've brought champagne round, which was a nice touch!10:35:43 Champagne at breakfast time - what a delightfully decadent way to start the holiday.13:08:33 On French time now (hmmm and it looks like the clock in my camera is running a few minutes fast!). Interestingly our phones picked up different networks - mine was on Bytel, Chie's was on F SFR.

14:11:29 Lunch at Le Potager du Marais - the vegetarian restaurant I had discovered in Paris earlier in the year.14:18:37 Chie and her lunch, which I think was a sort of quinoa burger.14:18:45 My main course - the boulettes au something or other (involving lentils).

15:06:30 The restaurant is very close to the Pompidou centre, which it is hard to resist taking a picture of.15:06:44 ...and another.15:14:35 And there's the Hotel de Ville, where we got back on the metro.

15:37:40 Now in Gare de Lyon.15:37:44 Already looking tropical and we haven't even left Paris yet!16:09:14 Onboard the TGV from Paris to Nice.

18:48:33 A few hours into our journey...21:22:09 ...and here we are at Nice station!21:59:58 ...and after checking into our hotel, here is our first Pastis out on the terrase!

22:07:40 The tagliatelli with girolles Chie had for dinner.22:53:57 ...a rather naff night time shot of the beach in Nice to finish off on.