Monday - Cote d'Azur


Monday 29th June 2009

Started the morning with breakfast at the hotel we'd stayed at the previous night in Monaco, before checking out and getting the train back to Nice. Had a bit of a random wander around Nice in the afternoon, bought a hat, ate some socca, and then made dinner at our "apart hotel" in the evening.

Cote d'Azur

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09:49:54 Yet another picture in the lift in our hotel in Monaco.09:59:30 Breakfast in Monaco, by the Mediterranean.10:02:52 This was very nice indeed.

10:55:57 A last couple of views from the balcony of our hotel room in Monaco.10:56:12 ...and in the other direction.11:01:50 Chie enjoying the view.

11:53:33 Chie on the balcony.11:54:12 Self timer shot of us both on the balcony.12:08:30 The hotel from the outside.

13:05:39 Taken from the train on the way back to Nice - lovely views along the Cote d'Azur to be had!13:05:45 ...when obstacles like this don't get in the way, that is.13:05:49 Looks a bit like we're on a boat don't you think?

13:07:50 I think that's Villefranche-sur-Mer there.14:00:54 Our next hotel in Nice, somewhat more modest than the one in Monaco.14:01:21 ...and the view from the balcony wasn't quite as inspiring...

14:59:04 Out for a stroll around Nice - there were lots of olive trees on the streets, and these ones actually had olives on it.15:03:56 Chie on the Promenade des Anglaises.15:04:04 ...and again.

15:10:23 Me attempting to find shade.15:35:20 A truffle themed shop/restaurant. Took a picture to remember it as we thought we might go there for dinner, but never did in the end.15:35:29 Quite a nice doorway to the truffle place.

15:35:54 There's the menu.15:36:54 One of those pictures you take of a map with your camera thinking it will come in handy, but then end up never using!15:47:15 The menu for a Lebanese restaurant taken for similar reasons to the truffle place - but we actually did go back here.

15:49:00 Erm, don't remember what this building was - maybe something to do with the opera...?15:49:18 Colourful buildings in Nice's old town.16:07:19 I was almost certainly going to get sunstroke with an uncovered head in the rather fierce sunshine, so when we came across a hat shop I decided I couldn't leave it until I had bought a hat.

16:07:22 I'm not sure I suit any hat to be honest, at the time this seemed like the least bad of quite a few that I tried.16:13:07 Chie in the market on the Cours Saleya - on Tuesdays it seems to be an antique market.16:22:09 One of the nice little alleyways in the old town.

16:50:07 Chie always looks much better in hats than I do!16:50:31 Hmmmm....16:57:04 So we'd stopped off in this cafe for a later afternoon beer and to try the Nice speciality - socca.

17:01:14 Here are our socca - kind of chickpea flour pancakes.17:17:30 The place we had socca in.17:19:56 Chie in front of a fountain elsewhere in the old town.

19:39:54 Back at the hotel we had basic cooking facilities, so decided to eat in tonight - here's a very simple tomato salad.