Rothschild Villa - Cote d'Azur

Rothschild Villa

Thursday 2nd July 2009

Another trip by bus out of Nice, this time to visit the Ephrussi de Rothschild villa and gardens. Then later on a quick visit to the Matisse museum, and dinner back at our apartment.

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12:55:12 The sign on the way into the villa.12:59:51 The location for the villa had been chosen very carefully, on the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, a little peninsula sticking out into the Mediterranean near Nice. Thus it commanded some rather impressive views.13:01:27 Outside the villa.

13:05:48 Interesting mixture of architectural styles on this side of the villa. Apparently this was the influence of Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild, who'd had the villa purpose built for her.13:08:30 Rather a nice view out from this little stair well.13:28:53 Taking a tour of the interior - this is the Louis XV (?) room.

13:29:06 I imagine this would have been a very nice spot to enjoy a cup of tea.13:30:46 Nicely painted fresco on the ceiling.13:33:34 Those little chairs were for Mme Béatrice's pets.

13:37:54 The galleried hall in the middle of the villa.13:40:57 Out into the gardens now...13:41:43 Chie in the gardens.

13:42:09 One of many views of the house from the gardens.13:42:59 These seem to all be on a bit of a slant. I blame the heat!13:43:09 The house seen through the flowers.

13:43:19 Attempt to take an arty shot, with the focus on the flowers and the house out of focus in the background. Not sure if it really works, but at least it's colourful!13:44:58 A bit hard to tell from a still picture, but this is part way through a little musical fountain display which apparently happens once every few minutes. It was delightfully eccentric.13:53:44 In the Japanese bit of the garden (you can tell by the bamboo).

13:54:42 I think this is the "stone garden", judging by the miscellaneous bits of masonry.13:56:11 Very nice views from here across the bay to Villefrance-sur-Mer.13:56:22 More of the same - lots of boats in the harbour today.

13:56:29 Looking slightly further across to Mont Boron here.13:56:39 More views out from the garden.13:57:55 Must be the Japanese garden again...

13:58:30 Bamboo... check... stone lanterns... check... Zen garden... check...14:01:22 An interesting little fountain.14:03:37 The rosebeds at the far end of the gardens.

14:05:05 This is the Princesse de Monaco rose...14:05:13 ....and to prove it here's the label.14:06:05 Looking down through the rosebeds and out to sea. Not a bad spot really.

14:07:31 14:11:26 Back in the main area of the gardens again, looking back towards the house once more along this little channel.14:14:05

14:14:44 14:14:54 The villa looks really quite exotic here. I couldn't quite make up my mind whether it was spectacular or perhaps a bit gawdy.14:15:47 I think those people standing over there were planning a wedding.

14:18:47 Round the side of the house here.14:21:58 Another bit at the side...14:23:43 ...and the last shot of the gardens, before heading back to the bus again.

15:40:40 Back in Nice, this is the Matisse museum which we went for a quick look around.19:23:10 ...and back at our little apartment, we decided to eat in again. Or technically we were eating out (on the balcony).19:24:18 Looks rather jolly wouldn't you agree?

20:15:14 These new potatoes had qualities which made them well suited to the recreation of neolithic monuments. I call this piece L'Henge aux Pommes de Terre.