Boat Trip and the Negresco - Cote d'Azur

Boat Trip and the Negresco

Friday 3rd July 2009

Went on a short boat trip along the Mediterranean coast from Juans-les-Pins in the afternoon, had dinner at the Zucca Magica in Nice's port, and stayed our last night at the famous Negresco hotel.

Cote d'Azur

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13:24:08 Le Point Gourmand - the little cafe where we had lunch in Juan-les-Pins - the staff in here where extremely nice.13:49:51 Chie in front of the boat.14:04:40 Setting off now...

14:06:47 Another picture of Chie on the boat...14:07:44 ....and another.14:09:13 On the way we passed some rather lavish looking yachts.

14:09:50 This yacht is called Ice, and apparently belongs to Russian Billionaire Suleiman Kerimov, who also has a villa nearby.14:18:31 The other side of the boat.14:20:17 A slightly more modest yacht off in the distance.

14:23:22 In the "Bay of Millionaires" now.14:24:08 14:24:15 Very exotic looking here!

14:25:36 14:34:46 The boat had an observation deck underneath letting you see underwater. Alas the sea wasn't particularly clear so we couldn't see much, but it was still quite fun.14:36:06 Odd colours in here!

14:37:05 More underwater photography...14:38:18 Hmmm... really hard to get any meaningful pictures here!14:42:36 Back up on deck.

14:54:01 ....and underneath again...14:54:25 Quite nice to watch the movement of the water from underneath as the boat started to move away.15:00:18 Chie in the observation deck.

15:03:16 A few more pictures of various boats milling about on the way back to the harbour...15:03:23 15:04:37

15:04:48 15:07:06 16:39:59 Back in Nice now, and here's the Negresco, where we'd be staying for our last night.

16:48:39 Our room at the Negresco.16:49:08 Not sure why I felt it necessary to take a picture of the bathroom as well, but there you go.17:08:04 After dropping off our things in our room, we decided to go on a tour of the hotel - there's art on every floor, and each floor is slightly differently themed. This is on the 2nd floor, where our room was, which had a sort of modern art theme.

17:09:08 The third floor, a little more classical (with the exception of the carpets!).17:15:01 I think this must be the 4th floor...? Bit of an Oriental feel here then.17:15:09 Definitely prefer this to the more contemporary bits.

17:16:04 The 5th floor... not sure what theme this is - is that Napoleon per chance? Again, not entirely sure about the carpets...17:18:45 There was a whole corridor full of Dali paintings on the 5th (I think) floor.17:22:14 I really liked this series of 1920s/30s style caricatures, mostly outside famous hotels. This one here is the Casino at Monte Carlo, which seemed very appropriate.

17:23:03 ...and here's the Ritz in London.17:31:09 Rather liked this little sofa here.17:36:50 I think that's the first floor landing.

17:40:38 ...and this is in the Salon Royale.17:40:52 ....which has a rather nice chandelier.18:23:20 Chie rather liked the lifts at our Negresco.

18:24:52 Back in our room, we realised we had a picture of Ginkakuji in Kyoto on our wall - very apt!18:37:24 Chie looking at the map.19:41:54 For dinner we decided to head over to the port to visit Nice's one and only vegetarian (ish) restaurant...

19:41:59 Here are some boats etc on our pre dinner stroll.19:42:37 There's the restaurant - La Zucca Magica.19:45:35 Chie on the quayside of the port.

19:46:03 More flashy yachts abound.20:00:02 It seems I only took one picture of the food at La Zucca Magica - this was a chilled tuscan bean soup we had for a starter. In total there were 5 courses, and there was no menu, food just showed up.20:12:56 The walls were covered in various pumpkin themed pictures.

22:15:27 Heading back to the hotel along the Promenade des Anglaises now, a few last night-time shots of the beach in Nice...22:15:38 22:31:17 ...and some shots of the Negresco by night - realy hard to get the lighting right.

22:31:25 22:32:56 Chie in front of the Negresco.22:33:15

22:33:37 22:34:02 That's probably the best of the lot...