Norwegian Fjords Cruise
Saturday 13th - Saturday 20th June 2015
A week long cruise around the Norwegian Fjords.
London June 2015
John's Pictures

Saturday 13th June 2015
First day of our cruise to the Fjords. Embarked at Southampton in the afternoon, and spent the remainder of the day getting to know the ship.
At Sea
Sunday 14th June 2015
Spent the day at sea. Not much to see but oil rigs. First of the two black tie evenings, which led to me getting very frustrated at having forgotten how to tie a bow tie, and not having the internet to hand.
Monday 15th June 2015
First port of call on our cruise today: Stavanger.
Tuesday 16th June 2015
Skjolden, the second port of call on the cruise, where we were treated to the one and only day of really nice weather in which to enjoy the spectacular fjord scenery.
Wednesday 17th June 2015
Third port of call, and another fjord - Geiranger this time. Alas the weather wasn't quite as nice as the day before.
Thursday 18th June 2015
Our fourth and final port of call: Bergen.
At Sea Again
Friday 19th June 2015
Last full day of the cruise, at sea again.
Back to London
Saturday 20th June 2015
The ship arrived back at Southampton in the morning, and we got the train from there back to London.