London June 2015
June 2015
Pictures from London in June 2015.
London June 2015
John's Pictures

New Cameras
Monday 1st June 2015
Erika and I got new camera today.
Tuesday 2nd June 2015
Another trip to the zoo, on a Tuesday morning rather than a Wednesday morning for a change, as Chie was in Barcelona.
1950s Negroni
Wednesday 3rd June 2015
Out with Al and Kyle for drinks. Had a Negroni made with 1950s ingedients at the Rivoli Bar at the Ritz.
Thursday 4th June 2015
Took Erika to Frank's for the evening.
Pizza Wine
Friday 5th June 2015
Bought a bottle of wine to have with pizza.
Natalie's Party
Saturday 6th June 2015
Took Erika to Natalie's flat cooling party in the afternoon.
Dining Chairs and a Wander around Kentish Town
Sunday 7th June 2015
Our new dining chairs arrived this morning, and in the afternoon I had some time to myself, so went on a wander around Kentish Town.
Pea and Mint Sauce Martini
Tuesday 9th June 2015
Attempted to make an unusual / quirky martini. It almost worked.
Elizabeth Street Party
Wednesday 10th June 2015
Went along to the Elizabeth Street Party for a bit in the evening.
Thursday 11th June 2015
Grandad and Janie came to visit.
Friday 12th June 2015
The day before our cruise.
Oliveto and Olivogelo
Sunday 21st June 2015
Pizza at our old favourite Oliveto for lunch, followed by gelato at Olivogelo.
Tuesday 23rd June 2015
Tapas for dinner.
Soft Play and Holborn
Wednesday 24th June 2015
Took Erika to a soft play place in the morning. In the evening went for a pint with Jim and Ricardo.
Strawberry Fayre
Thursday 25th June 2015
Went to the Strawberry Fayre in Ely Place after work.
Captain Teddy
Saturday 27th June 2015
The cruise company sent Erika a teddy bear.
Playing with Erika
Sunday 28th June 2015
Spent the day playing with Erika.