Hay on Wye

Hay on Wye

Saturday 24th May 2008

A day out in Hay on Wye with Robin and Vera.

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11:40:33 En route to Hay from Abergavenny we stopped off for a quick look around Llanthony Priory.11:40:53 11:41:26 Apparently Turner painted here - you could imagine this sort of scene would be ideal for his detailed-around-the-edges-but-vague-in-the-middle style.

11:42:11 11:44:13 11:46:07

12:19:12 Another stop off en route to admire the view.12:19:25 14:46:43 Me and Chie had our caricature done - the same chap had sketched us both 8 years ago, so we wanted a more up-to-date one to compare.

15:12:10 A spot of afternoon tea at the delightfully eccentric "Mad Cow Champagne Slaughterhouse" tearooms.15:13:04 15:13:11

15:17:46 Chie's scone.15:18:00 Robin's plum and almond tart. Apparently very nice.15:34:57 The cake stand.

15:36:03 15:43:11 16:08:16 The famous Booths Books.

16:20:09 Hay Castle.16:21:35 16:22:24

16:33:24 16:34:00 17:12:18 On the way back we stopped off briefly at this lake and saw some ducks.