Leon's Hat Party

Leon's Hat Party

Saturday 26th May 2007

An afternoon in a pub in Canterbury, wearing an assortment of silly hats, in honour of Leon's 30th birthday.

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12:15:01 We're not in Canterbury yet (although the party had already started by this time), but in fact we were still in the centre of London, buying our hats. I decided to go the whole nine yards and visit a proper gentleman's hatter - Bates Hats, and what a fabulous little shop this was.13:15:33 On the train on the way to Canterbury. I have to admit my main motivation for taking this shot was that I'd brought my little Sony GPS receiver along, and to my pleasant surprise it was able to get a lock whilst on the train... So I was hoping to geotag this picture at some point.13:59:30 I believe this may actually be the only picture taken of me today in my lovely tweed cap. Isn't it marvellous?

15:05:40 So here we are at the pub now - The Dolphin in Canterbury.16:23:57 Not so obvious from the picture, but it turned out that Yukari and Chie had chosen very similar hats. As Leon very diplomatically put it - "You Japanese, you're so bloody conformist!"16:24:19 Undoutedly the winner of the prize for the most original hat at the event - Stu had carved his hat out of a melon.

16:27:17 ..so of course everyone had to try it on...16:27:40 ....Chie seems to quite like it.16:27:54 Leon on the other hand is less sure.

16:28:07 However, adding his own hat on top helps to take the silliness down a notch a bit.16:28:13 Note the bit of make-up detail as well - nice!16:44:13 Stu actually wearing his own hat. He seemed very relaxed in it.

16:57:10 This wasn't meant to be a picture of my beer, so much as the Jenga tower behind it... but it just rather came out like this. A good advert for Doombar!18:29:24 Two gents looking very sophisticated.18:37:56 There seemed to be a definite theme of these board / pub games throughout the afternoon. This one was called Articulate, for which we basically had to improvise the rules as they weren't in the box.

19:01:59 Leon and Nicole engage in an inevitable bout of hat swapping...19:02:03 ...you can also see the detached pop-pom from Leon's hat here. As Leon put it "I'm becoming concerned that my hat was cheaply made".19:04:37 More attempts at hat stacking.

19:04:51 ...is it stuck here?19:10:23 Yukari seemed to suit the melon hat particularly well.19:14:13 Blurry picture of Nicole wearing the melon.

19:15:17 ....and Craig as well.19:32:08 It was generally agreed that the burgers at the Dolphin were bloody good - even the vegetarian ones... and very reasonably priced I might add!21:04:34 A final picture of Chie out in the beer garden, before we headed off back to London.