London April 2020
April 2020
Pictures from London in April 2020.
John's Pictures

Wednesday 1st April 2020
Another non-descript day stuck at home. Apparently it's April now. Woo-hoo.
Pink Sky at Night
Thursday 2nd April 2020
Lovely sky this evening, enjoyed it with a glass of Breaky Bottom out in the garden.
Friday 3rd April 2020
Took delivery of a box of Heck's Kingston Black cider this evening. Spent some of the evening out in the garden enjoying it.
Coffee Roasting and Hampstead Heath
Saturday 4th April 2020
Roasted coffee beans in the morning out in the garden, then went for an early evening walk to Hampstead Heath (thinking it would be quieter then).
Unsuccessful Barbecue
Sunday 5th April 2020
Attempted to have a barbecue this evening, but realised we didn't actually have any charcoal. Tried with wood instead which didn't really work.
Day Off
Monday 6th April 2020
Chie was struggling a bit so I took the day off work to look after Erika. Made a Lego shopping centre in the afternoon.
Tuesday 7th April 2020
Sabrage out in the garden in the evening.
Wednesday 8th April 2020
Another survey of the garden, and played a bit of football with Erika.
Harry Potter Lego
Thursday 9th April 2020
Some Harry Potter Lego arrived for Erika.
Good Friday
Friday 10th April 2020
Actually ventured out into a shop in the morning, for the first time in nearly three weeks. Spent much of the afternoon out in the garden, then in the evening joined in with an online English wine tasting event.
Easter Saturday
Saturday 11th April 2020
More time out in the garden, went for a walk in the early evening. Then later on Erika did a magic show for us.
Easter Sunday
Sunday 12th April 2020
At home (of course) on Easter Sunday.
Easter Monday
Monday 13th April 2020
Bits and pieces from the final day of the four day weekend.
Wednesday 15th April 2020
A surprise arrived from Leon today.
Thursday 16th April 2020
Erika very creatively made a bus using the cupboard doors and a lot of imagination today.
Friday 17th April 2020
Negroni at the end of the working week.
Morning Walk
Saturday 18th April 2020
I went for a morning walk to Hampstead Heath, and found it quite envigorating. Lots of flowers blooming at the moment. Some of the remainder of the day spent cleaning.
Sunday 19th April 2020
Gardening etc.
First Day of Summer Term
Monday 20th April 2020
First day of the summer term, although still home schooling for now.
Tuesday 21st April 2020
Took delivery of two kegs of Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter today.
The Heath in the Evening
Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Went for an evening walk to Hampstead Heath.
Evening Heath Again
Thursday 23rd April 2020
Another Evening stroll to Hampstead Heath - this time all three of us went.
Welsh Wine Night
Friday 24th April 2020
Joined in an online tasting of Welsh wines.
Successful Barbecue
Saturday 25th April 2020
A much more successful barbecue than the previous one this evening!
Sunday Stroll
Sunday 26th April 2020
Some of the daytime pottering around in the garden, followed by a late afternoon walk, ended up going all the way down to Kings Cross and back.
The Gloaming
Tuesday 28th April 2020
Another early evening walk to Hampstead Heath - this time in much more gloomy weather, and all the more atmospheric (and quiet!) for it.
Wednesday 29th April 2020
Pictures of the lovely landscape Erika had drawn for me (with a bit of help from Chie) yesterday evening while I was out for a walk.
Jungle Exploration
Thursday 30th April 2020
I took some time out of work this morning to take Erika to the heath, as she'd been cooped up indoors the past few days and I thought she needed some fresh air an exercise. We had a lovely time of it exploring a particularly dense and jungley bit of it.