London August 2021
August 2021
Pictures from London in August 2021.
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Wessex Ridgeway - Westbury to Tisbury - Day Two
Sunday 1st August 2021
Day two of my walk from Westbury to Tisbury.
Tuesday 3rd August 2021
Went to the Pineapple to retrieve my umbrella (which I'd left behind on a previous visit) and had some Thai food for dinner while I was there.
Dentist and Dinner at Olivo
Thursday 5th August 2021
Finally went back to the dentist for a checkup after a long hiatus this afternoon, and afterwards went for a pint at the Duke of Wellington followed by dinner at Olivo.
Friday 6th August 2021
Rained quite a lot this evening, but I trekked up to Archway regardless as I wanted a pizza from the pizza place there.
Trolley and St. James's
Saturday 7th August 2021
Went out and bought a hand trolley (sack trolley?) to help get the fridge freezer back into place in the morning. In the afternoon I felt like dim sum for lunch, but timed it badly, and ended up having ramen instead. Then a bit of a wander round some old haunts in St. James's, followed by a quick visit to Fortnum and Mason, then back to the Pineapple.
Rainbows on the Heath
Sunday 8th August 2021
Sunday roast at the Vine, followed by a quick visit to the Southampton Arms, then wiled away the rest of the afternoon on the heath, looking at the rainbows in between the showers.
Beech Nuts
Monday 9th August 2021
Some beech nuts I had picked up on Hampstead Heath yesterday.
Vera's Birthday
Tuesday 10th August 2021
Had a family zoom call to mark what would have been Vera's 102nd birthday. Looked through some of the old postcards Vera sent to us when I was a child.
Wednesday 11th August 2021
Headed down to Whitstable for the afternoon / evening, for some wine on the balcony of one of the Fishermen's Huts with old friends.
Friday 13th August 2021
Checking up on the garden.
Wessex Ridgeway - Tisbury to Maiden Newton - Day One
Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th August 2021
The next instalment of my walk along the Wessex Ridgeway, today from Tisbury to Ibberton Hill, where for a change I tried a proper campsite.
Wessex Ridgeway - Tisbury to Maiden Newton - Day Two
Sunday 15th August 2021
Despite the luxury of a proper campsite, yet again I only seemed to manage a couple of hours sleep, and then fell foul of the usual wet feet issue the next morning, which made for another weary and rather sore trudge on day two. I was meant to walk all the way to Maiden Newton today, but gave up at Cerne Abbas, and got a taxi the rest of the way from there.
Fungi and Foxes
Tuesday 17th August 2021
Early evening stroll to the heath, spotted a few fungi, then later on an evening visit to the Pineapple, and spotted a fox.
Heath Again
Wednesday 18th August 2021
A similar pattern to yesterday evening - a stroll on the heath earlier on in the evening followed by a visit to the Pineapple.
Thursday 19th August 2021
Old friend from work Gemma was back in the UK for a few days, so I went down to Deptford this evening to catch up with her at Andrew's house.
Beyond Meat Pizza
Friday 20th August 2021
For the first time in probably over a decade I had a pizza from Pizza Hut, intrigued because they had some vegan meat toppings from Beyond Meat.
Sunday 22nd August 2021
Evening on the heath.
Tuesday 24th August 2021
Had to clear out some bits of the flat today to make way for the electricians to come and do some rewiring.
Avoiding Being at Home
Wednesday 25th August 2021
Second day of the electrical works today, and once the electricians had finished I did my best to avoid being at home, as the place was a complete tip.
Thursday 26th August 2021
Removed and dismantled the cupboard the old fridge freezer had been housed in, which was quite satisfying. In the evening another foray to the heath.
Lebanese Food on the Heath
Friday 27th August 2021
I fancied Lebanese food for dinner this evening, so went down to Phoenicia, our local Middle Eastern food shop, picked up an assortment of things, and took them along with some Chateau Musar to dine on the heath. That was rather nice.
Saturday 28th August 2021
Spent most of the morning and some of the afternoon engaged in various cleaning and household maintenance tasks - got the new fridge freezer installed, had the old one taken away, and also disposed of the cupboard at the local tip.
Girls Back from Japan
Sunday 29th August 2021
I got up very early this morning to go and pick the girls up from Japan. Mostly had a quiet day at home catching up, and I made a Sunday roast of sorts in the evening.
Bank Holiday Monday
Monday 30th August 2021
Out for a pub lunch, then a walk to Hampstead Heath.