Trolley and St. James's
Saturday 7th August 2021
Went out and bought a hand trolley (sack trolley?) to help get the fridge freezer back into place in the morning. In the afternoon I felt like dim sum for lunch, but timed it badly, and ended up having ramen instead. Then a bit of a wander round some old haunts in St. James's, followed by a quick visit to Fortnum and Mason, then back to the Pineapple.
London August 2021
John's Pictures

Kentish Town High Street looking even more grim than usual in the rain, and with bin bags all over the pavement.

I did however successfully buy a trolley thing.

...and this worked really was for getting the fridge freezer back into its cupboard, which was very satisfying.

On my lunchtime wander around Chinatown and Soho.

...allthough somehow I couldn't quite settle on anywhere in Chinatown or Soho for lunch, so ended up having ramen at Shoryu in St. James's.

Crown Passage.

Alas the Red Lion in Crown Passage was closed.

At least the other Red Lion in St. James's was open.

Later on, back at the Pineapple, I shared some violet creams from Fortnum and Mason with the staff and regulars.