Zoo and New Year's Eve
Thursday 31st December 2015
Took Erika to the zoo in the daytime, then had the slightly surreal experience of spending New Year's Eve with my sole company being a 3 year old with absolutely no grasp of the significance of the event.
London December 2015
John's Pictures

Lunch at the zoo.

On the carousel at the zoo - surprisingly Erika hadn't gone off carousels despite having gorged on them earlier in the week at Winter Wonderland.

I wrote this sign for Erika to hold up to mark it being New Year's Eve. She was obviously not particularly interested in the event.

Not sure why I took a picture of the back of the Campari bottle.

We watched a bit of Japanese TV which looked suitably crazy.

Erika wanted to watch Dr. Ranj instead.

The sole almond left over from my dinner party the previous evening. Funny picture to end 2015 on!