December London 2019
December 2019
Pictures from London in December 2019
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Frozen 2
Sunday 1st December 2019
Took Erika to see Frozen 2.
Cakes and Ale
Tuesday 3rd December 2019
Went to the office in the daytime. In the evening started reading Cake and Ale and had some Chambolle-Musigny.
Green Shoots
Wednesday 4th December 2019
The first green shoots from the bulbs Erika and I planted poked up through the soil in the garden today.
Thursday 5th December 2019
Erika's gymnastics class had their end of term competition this evening.
Christmas Tree
Friday 6th December 2019
Received our Christmas tree today, and decorated it in the evening.
Sussex Ouse Valley Way: Balcombe to Lindfield
Saturday 7th December 2019
Did another section of the Sussex Ouse Valley Way today - from Balcombe to Lindfield, taking in the Ouse Valley Viaduct.
Sunday 8th December 2019
Our wedding anniversary. Went for lunch at Royal China Docklands then took a boat trip along the Thames.
Monday 9th December 2019
Spent the evening making creatures from Greek mythology, then organising all of Erika's Lego.
Tuesday 10th December 2019
Erika and a couple of her friends came to visit my office after school.
Wednesday 11th December 2019
Clocked off work a bit early for a quick pint at the Pineapple.
Pie and mash
Thursday 12th December 2019
Pie and mash for lunch.
Bear and Wolf
Friday 13th December 2019
Took Erika to Bear and Wolf for breakfast in the morning before school.
Serpent Trail: Haslemere to Northchapel
Saturday 14th December 2019
Did a section of the Serpent Trail, starting out at Haselemere, then up over Tennyson's Black Down to take in the views from the Temple of the Winds, and then finally down to Northchapel to visit the Half Moon Inn.
Monday 16th December 2019
Just took a picture of the menu of the new Korean place near us.
More Green Shoots
Tuesday 17th December 2019
Checking up on the state of the green shoots in the garden.
Carol Concert
Wednesday 18th December 2019
A couple of pictures of Erika's school carol concert - although you can't actually quite see Erika in any of them!
Thursday 19th December 2019
Dentist appointment in the daytime, which meant the traditional post-dentist visit to Oliveto, where they had tagliolini with white truffle as a special. In the evening went round to our local friends for dinner.
Saturday before Christmas
Saturday 21st December 2019
Took Erika Christmas present shopping in the afternoon, then on a whim, after Erika went to bed, I got a late train to Swindon so I could be up early the next morning to see the sunrise for the winter solstice at Avebury.
Winter Solstice at Avebury
Sunday 22nd December 2019
Having stayed the night before in Swindon, I got an early taxi to Avebury in plenty of time to see the sun rise on the morning of the winter solstice. Headed back to London after that, was back by midday, and spent the remainder of the day having a quiet time at home.
Camp Stove
Sunday 29th December 2019
Spent the afternoon chopping up wood, assembling an improvised wood store, and trying out my new camp stove which generates electricity.
Ashdown Forest
Monday 30th December 2019
Went for a walk in the Ashdown Forest with Chie and Erika to see the Pooh Sticks Bridge and Gills Lap.
New Year's Eve
Tuesday 31st December 2019
I went for a walk in the morning - a circular walk starting and ending at Liss, with a section of the Shipwrights Way on the way towards Petersfield, a lunch stop at the Harrow Inn at Steep, then back to Liss via part of the Hangers Way. In the evening we had local friends over for New Year's Eve.