Fish and Chips and Dinner on the Heath
Friday 11th February 2022
Fish and chips (well, halloumi and chips in my case) with Chie for lunch. In the evening the girls went to a party with local friends, and I decided to cook my dinner on the heath.
London February 2022
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Me and Chie having our fish and chips. Erika always has fish and chips at school on a Friday so obviously wouldn't want that for dinner on a Friday evening.

The first cherry blossom of the year!

Some more camping gear arrived. This is a support / stabliser for a camping (gas) stove. Having had it fall over last time I used it, I thought this would be prudent.

It's from one of those weirdly named Chinese companies listed on Amazon. I'm getting increasingly wary of buying that kind of stuff for various reasons (not least environmental) and I think I might have to make this the last time.

Anyway, it seemed to fit my gas canister nicely, and did feel like it made the whole thing a bit more stable.

I arrived late on the heath today, as I wanted to spend a bit of time with the girls before they went off to the party. So it was already dark by the time I got here.

Heading up Parliament Hill in the gloom.

Night time view of the London skyline.

...and again with Night Sight, so it's all a bit brighter.

I thought this tree looked interesting in the gloom - again, Night Sight on here, so it looks artificially brighter than it really was.

The barrow in the gloom.

I faffed around for a bit being indecisive about the best spot to sit and make dinner, but eventually decided to just head back to the barrow. I like this shot of the moon over the barrow.

My camping stove, I started off with it on the bench, but then decided it might be better on the little plaving slab on the ground in front of the bench instead.

A couple of attempts at Night Sight shots from the bench - I brought the little tripod for my phone with me so it could take long exposures, but you still can't really see much in terms of stars. I guess it was a bit cloudy.

A few more stars visible here, including part of Orion.

The barrow as I was leaving.