Fridge, Laksamania, Bulbs
Sunday 12th January 2020
Yet another unsuccessful attempt to buy a fridge, took Chie and Erika to try Laksamania (not so successful second time round) and went to the garden centre to buy more bulbs.
London January 2020
John's Pictures

Chie and Erika at Laksamania. The non-spicy child compatible options were a bit limited, and Erika was not very impressed with her noodles.

She fared slightly better with dessert though.

Yet another unsuccessful attempt to buy a fridge. Even though there is an IKEA showroom in central London, where you can order any of their fridges, they can't arrange for your old fridge to be taken away - you have to go to a proper store for that. This seemingly simple mission continues to thwart us every time.

Later on I went to the garden centre to see what I could find to cheer up the garden a bit, as it was looking a bit bleak and wintery at the moment.

These are the bulbs I chose in the end - a left two are early flowering daffodil varieties, the right one is tulips which will come a bit later.