East Meon and the Moon and Venus Again
Wednesday 29th January 2020
A case of East Meon Berrygarden English sparkling arrived today. In the evening more unsuccessful attempts to take photos of the night sky as the moon and Venus were visible, including in my desperation to get away from the light pollution and obstacles a night time stroll across Hampstead Heath, which was a bit scary if I'm honest.
London January 2020
John's Pictures

Six bishops of Winchester greeting me when I opened the box.

Two each of three different vintages of East Meon Berrygarden - 2010, 2013 and 2014.


It's not a wholly terrible photo, and you can see the moon obviously as that big white blob - but it was frustrating because with my eyes I could clearly see the detail on it. Nice to still see Venus (to the right hand side of the moon, slightly lower down) this evening though.

The moon and Venus again.

More attempts from the back garden.

Decided to take a stroll to Hampstead Heath for another go. Here's Little Green Street looking atmospheric as ever.

...and now onto Hampstead Heath.

Night time view from Hampstead Heath.

Unfortunately I only had a tiny tripod with me, so to get a bit more height I tried with this bench.

Hmmmm... maybe if I'd stuck at it a bit longer I'd have found a way to make this work, but to be honest Hampstead Heath at night time is a bit eery and I wasn't keen to linger too long!