Burns Night
Monday 25th January 2021
Had a Burns Night supper - just the three of us.
London January 2021
John's Pictures

First course - Scotch Broth - which I had started cooking in the morning. Note the tartan tablecloth!

Close up on the Scotch Broth.

Main course - a slightly different take on haggis, neeps and tatties. We'd had mashed potatoes yesterday, and Erika isn't really fan of haggis so I did baked potatoes instead (so Erika could have a baked potato with some cheese and beans and just a spoonful of haggis), and also tried roasting the swede. The latter not very successful.

Cranachan for dessert, which I made entirely from memory and surprisingly came out very well (although doesn't look particularly appetising).

Chie and Erika and the cranachan, which I think was the girl's favourite part of the meal.