London January 2021
January 2021
Pictures from London in January as the awfulness of 2020 spills over into 2021.
John's Pictures

New Year's Day
Friday 1st January 2021
Quiet day in at home with some Japanese food.
Saturday 2nd January 2021
Day after New Year's Day. Inspected the garden in the morning, then a walk to Hampstead Heath in the afternoon.
Sunday 3rd January 2021
Went out with Erika so she could ride her scooter a bit in the afternoon.
Tuesday 5th January 2021
Held a wassail in the back garden for my one apple tree.
Wednesday 6th January 2021
A tumeric accident and a short stroll to the heath in the afternoon.
Bushcraft Knife
Thursday 7th January 2021
Received a bushcraft knife in the post today. An early evening walk to the heath. Then practiced making feather sticks with the knife in the evening.
Halloumi and Chips and Breaky Bottom
Friday 8th January 2021
Another walk to Hampstead Heath towards the end of the afternoon, although a very short one today as it was a bit grey and gloomy. In the evening tried a local place for fish and chips for the first time (halloumi and chips in my case) with some Breaky Bottom. Was very nice.
Lego and Heath
Saturday 9th January 2021
Chie went out for a walk and to do some shopping for a while in the daytime, and Erika and I started work on a new Lego shopping centre. Later on in the afternoon I went for yet another walk to Hampstead Heath.
Wood Carving
Sunday 10th January 2021
Had a go at wood carving with my new bushcraft knife then later on with a more specialised carving tool.
More Lego
Monday 11th January 2021
More work on the Lego shopping centre in the evening.
Vegan Junk Food
Tuesday 12th January 2021
Ordered some vegan junk food for dinner this evening. Mostly regretted it.
Bleak Heath
Wednesday 13th January 2021
Went for a rather bleak walk to the heath after amidst several days of urelentingly glum weather. I hoped I might find some early signs that spring was on the way - perhaps a snowdrop or two. Alas not.
Thursday 14th January 2021
Once again inspecting the green shoots of the bulbs in the back garden, hoping for some sign spring is on the way - but alas not yet.
Friday 15th January 2021
Quick walk to the heath to catch the tail end of the sunset then back home for home made pizza.
Sunrise on the Heath
Sunday 17th January 2021
Woke up early to go and watch the sunrise on the heath.
Fresh Pasta
Tuesday 19th January 2021
Fresh pasta from Pasta Evangelists for dinner today, a present sent by my friend Leon.
Heath and Sharpening
Thursday 21st January 2021
Early evening stroll to the heath in the hope of finding some flowers to brighten up my mood, once again only found gorse. A Japanese whetstone arrived today and I had a go at sharpening my bushcraft knife later on.
Friday 22nd January 2021
Checking the bulbs in the garden hoping for some signs of spring being on the way. Still nothing floweing.
Saturday 23rd January 2021
I guess we didn't do much today.
Sunday 24th January 2021
It actually snowed today in London. Just a one off it seems but enough to make some modest snowmen.
Burns Night
Monday 25th January 2021
Had a Burns Night supper - just the three of us.
Wednesday 27th January 2021
Checking the bulbs again for any early signs of spring. Did more sharpening in the evening.
Stroll with Christian
Thursday 28th January 2021
Took the afternoon off and went for a long stroll on Hampstead Heath with my friend Christian.
Friday 29th January 2021
Another stroll to the heath towards the end of the day, fish and chips for dinner (or halloumi and chips in my case) then Erika finished building the Lego Harry Potter Knight Bus in the evening.
Saturday 30th January 2021
Various odds and ends. Received a parcel from Mum containing some old postcards from Vera. Also received another whetstone and had another go at sharpening my bushcraft knife.
Sunday 31st January 2021
Spent most of the daytime indoors, and had a walk in the gloom to the heath after it got dark.