London January 2022
January 2022
Pictures from London in January 2022.
John's Pictures

New Year's Day
Saturday 1st January 2022
Just a picture of the sky from the back garden.
Sunday 2nd January 2022
Tried to dry some shirts outside, despite the rain. Thus, a tarp.
Monday 3rd January 2022
Returned to the heath after a bit of a hiatus.
Not back at work yet
Tuesday 4th January 2022
I should have been back at work today, but decided to take this week off as I needed to spend some more time out in the fresh air etc.
GoPro, Ice Skating, Wassail
Wednesday 5th January 2022
Received a new GoPro camera today, and so took it out for an early afternoon stroll on the heath to test it out. After Erika got back from school I went along with her to her ice skating lesson. Then later on in the evening it was time to wassail the apple tree.
Lina Stores and Lebanese
Thursday 6th January 2022
Chie and I went out for lunch at the Lina Stores pasta place in Kings Cross. In the evening Lebanese food for dinner.
Pineapple, Heath, Pineapple
Friday 7th January 2022
Attempted, unsuccessfully, to get my hair cut towards the end of the morning - I got fed up waiting and went for a pint at the Pineapple instead. Then to the heath for a bit later on in the afternoon / early evening, followed by another visit to the Pineapple later on for dinner, as Erika was out with a friend.
Burgundy vs Bogandy
Saturday 8th January 2022
Andrew organised a tasting session of Burgundy vs "Bogandy" (Australian Pinot Noir). You can probably guess which one I preferred.
Ivinghoe Beacon
Sunday 9th January 2022
Drove to Ivinghoe Beacon in the afternoon for some fresh country air.
Gallette des Rois
Tuesday 11th January 2022
Chie became oddly obsessed with Gallette des Rois ("King's Cake?") this month, and we had a total of three, today's being the first. Also I went to the heath for a bit later on while Erika was at her woodworking class.
More Galette des Rois
Wednesday 12th January 2022
I don't recall now whether this is the remainder of yesterday's or another one Chie bought.
Thursday 13th January 2022
Another late afternoon / early evening visit to the heath.
Heath Again
Friday 14th January 2022
Similar thing to yesterday.
Saturday 15th January 2022
Went to the farmer's market on Hampstead Heath in the morning. Later on in the day did some electronics with Erika.
Andrew on the Heath
Sunday 16th January 2022
Andrew came up to Hampstead Heath to join me for the afternoon / evening.
Tuesday 18th January 2022
The usual walk on the heath while Erika is at her woodworking class.
Wednesday 19th January 2022
Just a quick early evening pint at the Pineapple.
Beyond Burger and Gevrey Chambertin
Thursday 20th January 2022
An odd pairing of an old school Gevrey Chambertin (Rene Leclerc - as visited by Keith Floyd) and one of those new fangled fake meat burgers. I doubt very much Keith Floyd would approve of the latter.
Lego Bonsai Tree
Saturday 22nd January 2022
Pizza on the heath for lunch while the girls were at Japanese school. Later on in the early evening the three of us built the Lego bonsai tree which Mum had sent as a Christmas present.
Sunday 23rd January 2022
Finally a glimpse of a snowdrop flowering in the garden. Yet another trip to the heath in the late afternoon / early evening.
Monday 24th January 2022
Oddly just one photo of a box of Ricola.
Tuesday 25th January 2022
The usual Tuesday early evening foray to the heath while Erika was at her woodwork class.
Wednesday 26th January 2022
The usual stroll to the heath. Later on I tried on a mosquito head net a friend had given me as a Christmas present. Thus the strange photo.
Sunny Thursday
Thursday 27th January 2022
Lovely blue skies today for the (almost) daily walk to the heath, and made it there in time for a nice sunset.
Burgers and Movie Night
Friday 28th January 2022
Very lazily ordered burgers and ate them sat on the lounge floor while watching a movie this evening.
Cissbury Ring and Chanctonbury Ring
Saturday 29th January 2022
The girls were otherwise engaged for pretty much the whole day, so I decided to head down to the South Downs, to repeat a walk I had enjoyed before - from Worthing to Washington, via Cissbury Ring and Chanctonbury Ring.
Kings Cross
Sunday 30th January 2022
Afternoon out with Chie and Erika. Erika wanted to go to the platform 9 3/4 shop in Kings Cross and we also fancied some ice cream. So we first went to the gelateria in Kentish Town, then got the train down to Kings Cross, and spent some of the afternoon down there.