Lina Stores and Lebanese
Thursday 6th January 2022
Chie and I went out for lunch at the Lina Stores pasta place in Kings Cross. In the evening Lebanese food for dinner.
London January 2022
John's Pictures

On the way down to the garden centre to recycle the Christmas tree, I thought the sky looked nice here.

Chie and I walked down to Kings Cross for lunch at Lina Stores. This was pretty good.

I think these ravioli might have been the star of the show actually.

I thought the espresso cup was quite cute.

Didn't feel like cooking, and I think Erika had already eaten dinner at a friend's house, so I ordered Lebanese food for dinner. At least partly as an excuse to open a bottle of Chatea Musar.

Although most of the food was OK, unfortunately they sent the wrong kind of sambousek (the meat filled ones, not the cheese filled ones) which I was a bit annoyed about.