Pineapple, Heath, Pineapple
Friday 7th January 2022
Attempted, unsuccessfully, to get my hair cut towards the end of the morning - I got fed up waiting and went for a pint at the Pineapple instead. Then to the heath for a bit later on in the afternoon / early evening, followed by another visit to the Pineapple later on for dinner, as Erika was out with a friend.
London January 2022
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The pint at the Pineapple I had instead of getting my hair cut.

Domaine Castagnier Gevrey Chambertin 2017 about which I wrote "A bit subdued on the nose (maybe my fault) but lovely weight and fruit expression on the palate, smooth tannins, and very drinkable."

I wasn't really in the mood for taking lots of photos today, and it was a bit grey and glum on the heath.



The London skyline from the top of Parliament Hill. A bit blurry.

As I was leaving the heath.

Went to the Pineapple for dinner, as Erika was out for the evening.